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Primary Curriculum

Primary School Education is preparing a child for tomorrow. Entering primary school is the first milestone in our child’s education. Primary school years are an important phase as they lay the foundation for the child’s learning. This is the stage when along with the social and emotional development, more work is done on language and conceptual development. During these formative years, we at DPS concentrate more to build every child’s confidence and their desire to learn. For this we expose them to different aspects of learning in both academic and non-academic areas, so the child gets a well-rounded primary education.

At this level, new subjects are introduced, the curriculum becomes more board based associated with activites to develop an approach of 'learning by doing'. This developes a better understanding of concepts and a willingness in child to learn.

At this stage he/she grows his/her vocabulary and increases his/her fluency to express his/her thoughts effectively. He/She is trained to understand his/her environment, understanding the natural and the man made world, knowing the foundations for historical, geographical, scientific and technological concepts by interesting ways of learning. We plan to give them a broad exposure to a varied range of activities to help them in discovering their own interests and talents.

This is the age group where the child possesses immense treasure of energy. The foremost duty of ours is the positive chanalisation of energy by encouraging them to take a part in co-curricular activities and community involvement programme. We offer them a set of academic-curriculum which will lay a strong foundation with the better clarity of concepts which results in better understanding. Many choices are available with the children to develop their creativity as pottery, public speaking, cooking, clay modelling, collage, origami, cut and paste, gardening, swimming, skating, drawing, painting, calligraphy and creative writing etc.

Students would always be encouraged to come forward to participate in different activities of their choices like dramatics, music, dance, enactment and recitation etc. to overcome their hesitation. Interactive session will be held to promote their confidence in public speaking, to develop awareness, to promote communication skill, train them to express their thoughts in a balanced manner and to inculcate values.

The emphasis at this stage is more on language, numeric and social skills. Along with that project based approach is applied. The school is keen in creating amiable environment through its unique infrastructure and activities for the overall personality development of child by inculcating a spirit of healthy competition, team work and co-operation for positive contribution towards, the family and community as well. To make teaching more joyful experience for students Smart Class concept would be in cooperated.

At primary stage, the expected outcome can be summarised as: Development of understanding, enhancement of knowledge, discovery of ability and talents, improvement in language, increase in treasure of vocabulary, better communication skills, rise in confidence , awareness towards environment, improvement in skills and creativity, development of patriotism, confidence in public speaking and inculcation of social and moral values.