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Mathemagic @ DPS Pali Road, Jodhpur

Students view mathematics as dull, boring, and stereotyped. It is a common observation that a large section of student population considers mathematics to be a dull and difficult subject. This is because of being taught in a mechanical manner where students are made to memorize formulae/algorithms and apply these formulae algorithms in solving problems. All this is creating a phobia in the minds of students towards this subject.

In order to appreciate the nature of mathematics and to make mathematics learning interesting and joyful, the teaching-learning process has to be completely revamped. The concept of mathematics laboratory has been introduced by CBSE few years back.

Most students think that mathematics means to ‘get something right’ or to ‘get something wrong’. When they get it wrong they think that they are not good enough for Mathematics and lose interest in learning. On the other hand a few students learn enough tricks to ‘get something right’ to pass the exam.

It is essential to know that mathematics is very much related with real life. It is a vehicle of communication just as every language is. Through Mathematics we can describe, understand and work with physical phenomena with utmost precision. The subject has application in almost all walks of life. The symbols and operations are only mechanical tools but the concepts themselves are much more than these and are very much real and related to human life in the backdrop of the world we live in. But by projecting the subject as dealing with the world of symbols and notations it has been painted as an abstract subject much to be feared by students of limited capabilities. Mathematics laboratory as a concept will be an effective tool in the hands of a teacher to illustrate to the students that they can construct all mathematical knowledge with their own hands, enabling a smooth transition to abstract thinking capabilities.

To make mathematics fun and evincible, we at DPS PALI ROAD have set up Maths lab for students of classes I to VIII to learn about various concepts using tools, shapes and real-life situations. This helps the students to extend to the experiential learning in Mathematics. Learning Mathematics by doing is perhaps the best way to dispel all fears. There will be no fear if children can understand the concept. Learning becomes more effective with Maths Labs. Our Maths Lab is fully equipped with smart board, projector, software related to mathematical games and puzzles and aids related to mathematical concepts etc. Here students work in the group of six and make use of mathematical aid material and make different models for the better understanding of concepts. The work sheets are also designed to achieve the goal of better understanding of concepts, to develop better visualization , and effective practical approach.