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24x7 Security @ DPS Pali Road, Jodhpur

Safety and secure environment is the basic pre requisite of any school. The moment child enters in the school to the time child boards the bus back to home is the schools responsibility. At DPS PALI ROAD we take every possible step to keep our student safe and protected.

There is 24 x 7 security on the main gate. Two guards at a time are always present at the gate. They maintain every record of movement on the spot. Any and every entry and exit is recorded. No student once entered the school is permitted to leave in between with any guardians.

In an emergency as well either of. The parent has to come and collect their ward. None of the relatives will be entertained for this cause.

Other than that child is fully safe in classrooms and in the campus under the close watch of cameras. These cameras cover every corner of the school with a display system and controls at principal office.