Stay Safe from Corona Virus

Awareness Workshop to ‘Reduce the risk of Corona Virus infection’ was conducted at Delhi Public School, Jodhpur – Pali Road to aware and prepare the students against this deadly virus. Keeping the fact in mind that the deadly corona virus is spreading rapidly outside China, students were given the precautionary measurement to be followed at their personal and school level.

Following instruction were given to the students to stay protected:

  • Limit your contact with others
  • Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing
  • Wash your hands with soap regularly.
  • Stay away from cold drinks, ice-cream.
  • Use alcohol based sanitizer for disinfection.
  • Drink warm water

The motive behind the workshop was to create awareness and take defensive measurement against this fast spreading virus.

Science Dept. Madam Namita Purohit told the children how to prepare mask easily at home and some preventive measures to protect our self and other from this deadly virus. Madam Niharika Chopra , Principal told the children to be more careful during Holi. She told the student to avoid going in any social gathering and even those students who are going got the board examination also need to follow preventive measures. Therefore we can and will fight this virus and present our children form it.