Pro-Vice Chairman’s Desk


A very warm welcome to ‘‘Delhi Public School, Jodhpur’’.

Quality of education should not be adjudged on basis of top quality building but the quality of faculties and their passion for teaching. Learning is a never ending process. In this world composed of myriad culture, traditions and people, only a continuous endeavor in learning can lead to global integration.

Delhi Public School is committed to work together as a community to provide a safe, positive, equitable and supportive learning environment. I believe that all children must be valued for the unique gift of talents they possess. We at DPS want to offer opportunities to all the children to reach their potential through a rigorous curriculum. We look forward to guide our students to work hard and nurture their values. I hope that every child would achieve the sense of independence and intellectual abilities.

Best of luck to you as you progress in your life.


Pro-Vice Chairman's, DPS