Trip & Excursions


Educational tours is part of DPS Pali Road Curriculum. Field trips are organized periodically to broden of the studets. We take our students to various palces like Science park, Milk Dairy, Zoo etc to give them real time expereicene so that they see, feel expereice and learn the things. Iner-State & International tours like to NASA, USA also get organised in order to optimize concept develpment through active and exporative experences.

International Tour to NASA, USA

Education & Recreational trip to Udaipur 2016

Students of DPS Pali Road, had a memorable tour to Kumbhalgarh, Chittorgarh & Udaipur City . They visited Maharana Pratab museum, bharatiya lok kala mandal, They also had a lot of fun in the boat ride in Fateh Sagar Lak & in Nehru Garden. The highlight of the tour was the visit City Palace. Students awed the awesome talents of our ancestors. They also enjoyed D.J. Night too. Overall it was a fun filled and a memorable learning experience for the students.

Ahemdabad-Mehsana Educational 2015